Kay Klein's Dog Biscuit Bakery

We are a private bakery and we have dedicated ourselves to create and produce healthy and tasty dog supplements in various flavours and unusual formes and styles.


Our products are made of purely natural ingredients such as wheat wholemeal flour, eggs, maize semolina, honey, milk, oat flakes and carrots. We also produce special dietary biscuits for dogs with allergies, overweight, kidney problems and others.

No chemicals! Naturally healthy

We are using only qualitative ingredients in the production process and our recipes are created together with veterinary nutritionists. Our biscuits and special editions are lovingly manufactured and packed.


The Team of KAY KLEIN's wishes all dogs to enjoy our products - and their owners lots of fun with feeding our dog biscuits.


People become more and more aware of the quality and value of organic products. But also our friends, the dogs, need healthy and tasty food that offers them variety. We are Germany’s first BIOLAND dog biscuit bakery, and we offer a choice of handmade dog treats in pure organic quality...

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Points of sale

No matter where you are. Our dog biscuits find you. Just look at our outlets.







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Making dogs feel good! KAY KLEIN´sOur dog biscuit bakery, KAY KLEIN’s HUNDEKEKSE, was founded in spring 2004 and produces the finest natural supplementary food for dogs in multiple forms and sizes. Everything is handmade – from kneading the dough...


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