Making dogs feel good!
KAY KLEIN´sOur dog biscuit bakery, KAY KLEIN’s HUNDEKEKSE, was founded in spring 2004 and produces the finest natural supplementary food for dogs in multiple forms and sizes. Everything is handmade – from kneading the dough and cutting out the biscuits over putting them into bags, tying the bows and putting labels on to finally dispatching them to the dog owners.

No chemicals! Naturally healthy!

All variations of dough are 100% food-grade and do not contain any chemical additives, attractants or scents. Apart from two sorts, all of our biscuits are sugar-free. The purely natural ingredients are selected very carefully and turned into biscuits that dogs find delicious.

When the managing director, Helga Speh, had the idea to also produce ‘bio biscuits’ with ingredients from organic farming only, the whole team made every effort to realise this, and after an intensive research and testing phase, the newly developed BIO-HUNDEKEKSE were even officially tested and certified (tested by the board of control DE 013 and certified by ABCERT). This means that dog owners can be sure that the biscuits of the BIO-HUNDEKEKSE selection are of organic quality and have undergone compulsory quality inspections.

Germany´s first dogs biscuit bakery certified by BIOLAND!

Our biscuit selection also includes some extraordinary creations, such as the KLAPPERKEKSE (rattling biscuits that are filled with a surprise), TABLETTENSCHMUGGLER (biscuits for easy tablet feeding) and our special GOLD-EDITION (biscuits topped with a spread of 24-carat edible gold).

Your dog will love it!

KAY KLEIN’s dog biscuit bakery has committed itself to the well-being of your dog – just try our range of products!