Special Products

Our special dietary biscuits have been developed in close cooperation with Dr. med. vet. Natalie Zorn, who has been working in nutritional consulting since 2003. She advices other vets and pet owners in dietary questions concerning small animals, and thanks to her experience in this field, our dietary biscuits could be developed. They are food supplements for dogs with allergies, overweight, kidney problems and others. www.futtermedicus.de


Chia Biscuit

Chia seeds are rich in omega3 fatty acids and high-grade protein, vitamins, natural antioxidants and minerals. Made of wheat germ flour, chia seeds, chia oil.

Potato Dream

Potato biscuit without any cereals. Suitable for dogs with a cereal allergy. Made of potato flakes, pumpkin seed press cake.

Pill Pocket

Biscuits for easy tablet feeding. The tasty way to conceal tablets.


Travel biscuit

Travel biscuit with a trace of spices that have a calming effect on the dog, especially when he is in an agitated condition due to unfamiliar movements during travelling. Made of spelt wholemeal flour, oat flakes, carrots, eggs.

Millet Biscuit

This biscuit is particularly suitable for dogs with a gluten intolerance. Gluten-free and rich in omega3 fatty acids. Made of millet flour, chia seeds, chia oil.

Pom Pom-Biscuit

With low sodium content that gives relief to a strained circulation. Made of spelt wholemeal flour, apples.


Drop biscuit

Biscuit with low phosphate and low protein content that puts less strain on the kidneys. Made of spelt wholemeal flour, linseed oil, beetroot.

Diet biscuit

Low-calorie biscuit with less calories than usual dog treats. The contained minerals and trace elements cover a part of the daily requirements. Made of wheat bran, spelt wholemeal flour, cellulose, carrots, apples, minerals.